Thursday, October 1, 2009

Research: Richard Vanek

Born in 1967 in Czechoslovakia. In 1999 moved to the Netherlands. His goal is to make his emotional view of the world visible through his photographs.

It is the uncomplicated nature of the photographs that drew attention to this photographer. The main reason his work was chosen though was because of images of the planks. This is as simple as still life photography could be, yet without background knowledge from the photographer himself, the work could mean anything.

The focus is on the planks as the background is purposely out of focus. They are all tonally similar and of course of similar shape, however the images do not appear to be the same. Because of the different elevations used and the fact the photos have been taken from different positions, they all suggest a different meaning for each one, this is very intriguing.

The dull tones of the images do seem to suggest a chill: the tones of the compositions, combined with the reflections of the trees in two of them suggest that it the weather is cold. It is doubtful that there would be many people wishing to take a dip in that water.

Each composition also shouts out stillness and peace; a perfect place to be alone, to think or to just enjoy the stillness of nature. It must be of a jetty jutting out into a lake, as there is no movement of water whatsoever.

The uneven, poorly placed nature of the planks of the construction adds greater interest. The lines in the five compositions; in one plane are all parallel (i.e. across the jetty) yet the edges are of different lengths, with some overlaying others, and some probably not properly secured. Would anyone risk stepping out onto it? It takes people to the place and dares them to step forward.

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